Ladies and gentlemen of Wyoming, meet your Food Network Chopped Jr. Champion-Jackson Hole’s Buck Milligan. He also won $25,000. Check out the photo gallery here our Cowboy State Hero.

Most 12-year-old boys couldn't make french toast, but not Buck. He's actually not the only young cook to compete on the Food Network. In every round, every other contestant was older, but Buck’s grand finale included two 13-year-olds and a 15-year-old. No worries, though, the Cowboy State kid shot ‘em all down.

It’s also not the first time Buck has been on the Food Network. An 11-year old Mister Milligan appeared back in November and won that cookoff.

In one round of this year’s competition, Buck’s deconstructed berry tart was admired. In another round, Buck was critiqued for dry meatballs in his camel and pine nut meatballs served with earthworm jerky and tomato candy marinara sauce. Earthworm jerky? That sounds, uh … “Genuis,” as one judge put it.

The food network (which gave great coverage of our young Buck) reported, “Milligan is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so he knows his way around butchering and boning out game.” They described how he broke down a goat leg “expertly.” It was sautéed with sweet cherry

It was sautéed with sweet cherry ketchup and served with mashed potatoes. Wow, while that will never be on the simple menu at Miner’s & Stockmen’s Steakhouse in Hartville, Wyomingites would eat it right up.

One segment of Chopped Junior extra’s is called “Make Me a Judge.” Buck had a classic exchange with celebrity judge Chris Santos. Santos worked in restaurants at age 13, and got his first executive chef position at 23.

Santos asked “Why do you want to be a judge?”

Buck answered, “I would love to try some of the world’s best chef’s food. And I’m a bit of a leader, and a little bit of a control freak.”

“You’ll make a great chef,” Santos retorted back.