The Cowboy State has a little problem with old buildings we’d like to see under demolition. That begged a question about Wyoming’s biggest new projects under construction.

1. Capitol Square Project  (State Capitol) Cheyenne $49,999,999.00

2. VA Community Living Center Cheyenne $10,000,000.00

3. Solid Waste Transfer Station  Sweetwater  $5,000,000.00

4. Administration Office & Lincoln Middle Sch  Sweetwater  $2,999,999.00

5. Historic Roundhouse Restoration  Evanston $2,999,999.00

6. McCormick Jr High School (Gym/Locker Rooms)  Laramie  $2,225,000.00

7. Former Gymnasium Interior Remodel  Natrona  $2,000,000.00

8. Office & Manufacturing Facility-HIVIZ Phase II  Albany $749,999.00

9. Flooring Materials and Installation Services  Laramie $199,999.00

10. Sinks Canyon  Laramie  $Not available (but we suspect that one could rank #2.)