The American bison is now our national mammal. Congress approved that last spring, and scheduled it to be official November 1. It was hardly noticed, but we've got some bison jokes.

The Bison is Wyoming’s state mammal. If you didn't already know that, this is your first visit here, isn't it? It's either that, or your last visit was before 1985.

Whatever you do on the first Saturday of November, just don’t forget National Bison Day. Of course you would never try to ride one, like the jovial partier who recently jumped on a moose.

Maybe you'll try something less dangerous (not to mention less illegal), like taking a bison selfie, but even that can be tricky, so first see how to do it.

By the way, America’s largest Bison population is a freakishly beautiful place we call Yellowstone National Park, where bison’s genes are sought after in the rest of the country for being disease free.

Anyway, we're always ready with bison jokes:

What's the name for a bison that can fly?  Buffalo Wild Wings.

What do you call a bison that doesn't give milk?  Milk Dud.

What did the bison say to his son going off to college?  "Bye son."

What kind of milk comes from a forgetful bison?  Milk of Amnesia.

What’s the difference between a North Dakota State Bison, and a mosquito?  A mosquito stops sucking.