This week, the travel and lifestyle website Thrillist released their self proclaimed "Definitive and Final Ranking of All U.S. States". Although it's a completely subjective list, the authors claim their results are based on each state's contributions to the country, entertainment options, natural beauty and famous residents.

Here's how they characterized Wyoming, which finished in 26th place on their list.

"A state as played by Jack Palance in City Slickers, you’ll recognize Wyoming as the one eating bull fries and venison jerky, dressed in gold and brown, talking (bleep) about Colorado. It should be given credit for creating the USA’s first national park in Yellowstone, and giving teenage boys everywhere a chance to snicker at the Grand Tetons."

Citing the fact that most of their residents are willing to apologize for native son Kid Rock, Michigan was ranked first. Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Louisiana rounded out the top five.

Florida was ranked as the worst state in the country, followed by Delaware, Ohio, Arizona and Utah. Check out the complete "definitive and final ranking of all U.S. States" here.