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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Thieves Make Many Happy Returns
#2 - On The Outside Singing In
#3 - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Ewwwwws

Thieves Make Many Happy Returns

A gang of California crooks decided that it was bad karma to steal from crime victims – so they sneakily returned a load of expensive electronics they'd ripped off from a charity serving women who'd been sexually assaulted.

Candy Stallings, executive director of San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services, said that she got a call about a break-in at her office and sped down to find that thieves had made off with six computers, laptops, speakers and about 100 bags of candy earmarked for assaulted children. Several hours later, she got a second call about another round of "suspicious activity," which, she said, caused her heart to sink even further.

But when Stallings returned to the scene, she found a shopping cart loaded with all the stolen goods, along with a note reading, "We had no idea what we were taking. Here is your stuff back. We hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in people's lives. God Bless." (UPI)


On The Outside Singing In

The singer of a Detroit based band found a unique way to get around a Chicago club's strict over-21 policy – by standing outside the bar to sing along with the rest of his band, which was performing onstage inside.

Andy Milad, who sings and plays guitar in a band called Wayne Szalinksi, was denied admission to the club – despite the fact that his band was booked for a gig there. But instead of turning around and taking the walk of shame back to the Motor City, they improvised – with the three other members taking their normal places, and 20-year-old Milad using an extra-long extension cord to make his presence known.

"It was hilarious to perform to the streets of Chicago and watch the faces of confused passerby," Milad said. "All in all, it turned out to be a fun and creative solution to the problem and certainly beat going home unpaid that night." (New York Daily News)

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Ewwwwws

A Pennsylvania woman got a pretty clear picture of what someone thinks of her when she walked up to her car to find someone had defaced it with a drawing of a pile of poop.

The not-so-"Charmin" artwork was accompanied with a helpful caption reading, "Guess what this is!" The woman, whose name was not released, says that the vandalism occurred sometime after she parked the vehicle around midnight.

On the bright side, the poopy Picasso used a magic marker to send the message, rather than go the organic route. (Allentown Morning Call)