If you're a fan of classic Dolly Parton - then you just might want to avoid this post.  However, it is interesting, to say the least.  Plus, what else do you have to do on a Saturday? :)

Tom, our digital lifeguard here at My Country turned me on to something quite cool and groundbreaking.  It's this website called SoundCloud that allows you to create, mix, record and share audio recordings.

Another feature on the site is Mixes and Mashups, where some very clever and talented people rework and "mashup" some of your favorite songs; transforming them into completely new pieces of music.  One might call it Extreme Sampling.  I just call it snazzy!

I've included a little taste.  Here is a mashup that I thought our fans might enjoy (though I could be wrong).  It's Dolly Parton's "Jolene" paired with Jay-Z's "The City Is Mine."  I also found a video of the whole thing on YouTube and have included it as well.  It's the hip-hoppinest thing to happen to Country since Tim McGraw and Nelly got together for "Over And Over."

Please be advised that some of the lyrics are questionable and explicit and not necessarily meant for young ears.

Jay Z vs Dolly Parton - Jolene Is Mine (Country Hiphop Mashup) KMT Mix by Mixes and Mashups #12