Oh, boy!  She actually brought this up to me the other day.  I think she's starting to feel a little guilty because of the sad, puppy-dog eyes I get everytime I glance at the DVD case when she asks "What should we watch?" 

You see, she actually bought me this movie.  I'm sure she thought she was getting a steal by plucking it from the  $.99 cent bin.  Little does my honey know, that this is an all-time classic upon which my childhood was rocked from its foundation. 

This movie transformed me into an instant adult.  (Thank you, HBO!)  All of a sudden...I wanted to be a caddy...and gained an instant distrust of gophers...ALL FROM THE SAME MOVIE!  Life was fun again!  And you know what else...

We still haven't watched it!

  Maybe this will entice her.  Ladies and gentlemen, the theatrical trailer from the 1980 Harold Ramis classic, Caddyshack. (contains adult/sexual situations, language)

You're welcome.