Just in time for Halloween a prank video that will make you laugh and freak out all at the same time, but please do not try this in your hometown! There's a guy in France named Remi Gaillard who is huge online for his prank videos.

Remi has over four million people subscribing to his YouTube page.  And for Halloween, he just did a video where he and two other guys dress up as horror movie villains and chase people around at night scaring the crap out of them.

They're dressed as Chucky from "Child's Play" . . . Jason from "Friday the 13th" . . . and the killer from the "Scream" movies.

They start by chasing a guy through a parking garage.  Then they try to pick up a hitchhiker in their car.  But he runs off when they tell him to get in the trunk.

Again, please do not try this in Wyoming as it might lead you your untimely demise... Enjoy!