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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Keep Your Shirts On!
#2 - He Put the 'P' in Superman!
#3 - Copping A Plea

Keep Your Shirts On!

A Chinese man gave new meaning to the term over-dressed when he strolled into an airport and put on more than 70 items of clothing – so he could avoid baggage fees for his flight.

The man, whose name was not released, started off wearing a normal amount of clothing, but after hearing that he would have to pay overweight fees, he began taking clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stopping when he got to nine pairs of jeans and more than 60 shirts.

The plan ended up wearing thin, however, when he had to disrobe all over again for a body search – since the batteries and USB drives in his pockets set off metal detectors. (Digital Spy)


He Put the 'P' in Superman!

A North Carolina man who considered himself to be a superhero found out his powers weren't as mighty as he thought – after he woke up at a neighbor's house, wearing a homemade cape and lying in a puddle of his own urine.

The man, identified only as "Frank," apparently has a habit of getting drunk and fashioning a cape out of his shirt – a stunt he pulled at the bar where he was drinking. He then found his way homeward, but ended up going into a different townhouse, where he spun around in circles until he passed out and peed himself.

The neighbor slipped a note under his door, which read, "Your wallet is at our house with your money, credit cards, etc. It would be courteous of you to please steam clean the carpet and couch you peed on. Don't worry, dude, we think it's pretty funny." (Deadspin)


Copping A Plea

A West Virginia couple used their get out of jail free card unwisely when they walked out of their cell and promptly got busted again – for crashing a deputy's car while attempting to steal it from the parking lot.

Michael Lee Sharp and Amanda Clendening T-boned a sheriff's car in the middle of a high-speed chase just a stone's throw from the facility where they were being held.  Neither suspect was hurt in the crash, but a police dog riding in one of the cop cars did get shaken up a bit. (NBC)





wanna-be burglar in Georgia is in a ho-ho-hole lotta trouble after getting stuck when he went up the chimney without care during a heist.