If you've got kids of any age, you've probably been through a situation similar to what Public Radio reporter Jeff Cohen's two little girls (Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3) recently put him through.  It's no surprise that when Sadie decided to give Eva a homemade haircut, things didn't end up going very well.

Jeff wanted to get to the bottom of the hairdressing debacle, so he did what any good public radio reporter would do: He sat them down, turned on his recording equipment, and conducted the cutest interview imaginable.

I love how the girls describe why they thought Eva needed a haircut.  Sadie explained, "It was almost down to her tush.  If she grew it any longer when she wiped her butt her hair would go into the toilet...and it would be gross!"  Eva backed her sister up saying, "It was really itching my hips!"  Too cute!!