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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Tweeting No-Shows
#2 - A Good and Stoned, Samaritan
#3 - Pleased to Meat Ya!

Restaurant Tweets Names of No-Shows

A top L.A. restaurant is calling out the customers on Twitter who don’t show up for their reservations. Red Medicine, a top-shelf Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Beverly Hills, is now naming customers who don’t honor their reservations. After losing a bunch of prime tables to no-shows on Saturday, owner/operator Noah Ellis vented in public, tweeting the names of offenders.

Ellis says, “The [jerks] who decided to no-show or cancel 20 minutes before their reservation ruin restaurants (as a whole) for the people who make a reservation and do their best to honor it.” He doesn’t plan to make a habit of calling out no-shows, but figures those who got named “probably don’t know, and if they know, they probably don’t care.” (Gawker)


A Good and Stoned, Samaritan

A Massachusetts man was arrested after making it part way through his very detailed to-do list – which started with a purchase of crystal meth and ended, oddly enough, with doing a good deed for a stranger.

Cops spotted 25-year-old Evan Dorsey rifling through a UPS package at a stranger's house, which aroused their suspicions enough to search his pockets – in which they found some jewelry and a pocketful of stolen diabetic supplies. They also found a note with detailed plans to buy some meth, rob a drug dealer, get some cocaine and do something nice for a stranger.

Dorsey had been going door to door trying to question homeowners about whether or not they'd support having a medical marijuana facility in their neighborhood. (WBZ)


Pleased to Meat Ya!

A Wisconsin woman was busted for trying to steal a stack of steaks from a grocery store and trying to stuff them... well, we're not exactly sure where... since she was naked from the waist down at the time.

Elizabeth Hoen was nabbed while standing bottomless on a street corner and showing officers exactly where the beef was. In her purse, officers found three beefsteaks from a shop where security camera footage captured scenes of her crime.

It's not Hoen's first brush with trouble. She has been charged twice with retail theft of less than $500 since December of last year. (Raw Story)