It's seems like forever since we've presented you with one of our favorite Country movie selections.  For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath--breathe, the wait is now over.

Our pick this time around?  We have to go all the way back to 1992 and a little film by the name of Pure Country.

Pure Country is a major motion picture directed by Christopher Cain which just happened to have a little-known singer by the name of George Strait as the star.  Of course, I'm kidding!  George was already huge in music circles by then.

Pure Country, though, would be his first starring vehicle, playing someone other than himself.  Apparently, he could be heard in the movie, Showgirls. (think I'll have to watch that one again just for research)

Showgi...I mean Pure Country tells the tale of Wyatt "Dusty" Chandler, a hugely successful, pony-tailed, and burnt-out singer who longs for the days when his music was more important than the blinding lights and theatrics of his stage shows.

This sets in motion a plan to take a break from it all.  He goes back somewhat anonymously to his hometown and tries to blend in.  Things begin to make sense to Dusty again.  He takes roping lessons on a ranch, falls in love with the rancher's daughter, and attempts to help her save the ranch.  Only when he discovers that his manager, Lula, has been tricking his audiences with her look-a-like boyfriend who lip-syncs to Dusty's songs, does he take action and recapture the limelight.

The finale of the movie has Dusty doing it his way in Las Vegas.  He sits alone on a stage, guitar in hand with a lone spot light and serenades his new woman with the very pleasing and swoon-inducing, I Cross My Heart.

More interesting facts about Pure Country:

* It also starred Lesley Ann Warren, Isabel Glasser, and Kyle Chandler (who just picked up an Emmy for his role as Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights).

* It spawned a sequel, Pure Country 2: The Gift, in 2010, which features George in a cameo appearance.

* Until the recent recession hit Broadway, a major theatrical production of this movie was in the works which would have starred Joe Nichols as Dusty and Lorrie Morgan as Lula.  Those plans were scrapped in early 2011.

* Both movies, Pure Country and Pure Country 2: The Gift would underperform at the box office.  However, the Pure Country soundtrack which includes the hits, I Cross My Heart, Where The Sidewalk Ends, Heartland, and many more, continues to be his biggest selling album to date.

* The little boy in the opening song is George's own son, George Jr., a.k.a. "Bubba." (IMDB)

* George hated the name of the film and tried in vain to get it changed. (IMDB)

* This role actually came about through the late Elvis Presley's manager, Col. Tom Parker who would visit George backstage whenever he played Vegas and tell him he should be in movies.  Tom contacted his friend Jerry Weintraub who noted George's potential.  Jerry contacted the writer of this film who had two conditions:  He had "to sing 10 songs and he has to rope something." (IMDB)

* The director of this film also directed George's video for Carrying Your Love With Me. (IMDB)

I think it's time to rediscover Pure Country.