Watching the Jetson's when I was a kid, I knew it was just a funny, science fiction based cartoon. But the flying cars that drove themselves and the robots to handle every daily chore, made me think about how cool it would be if that were reality. Well, don't look now, but that science fiction might be our new reality before we know it.

Recently released and on the road already are new self driving cars (they just aren’t available for public use–yet!). Google sent 7 of these robotic cars out for test drives on public roads and no one knew about it until after the fact.

Several Toyota Prius were sent out on roads with - artificial intelligence software - installed in them.

Erik Sofge of MSN Autos writes "Each vehicle was piloted by artificial-intelligence software designed to interpret the data collected by the sensors and use it to mimic the decisions made by a human driver. The goal: to fundamentally change the way we use cars."

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Which is what the future might have in store for all of us one day, allowing for people free driving. (Basically you'll just climb in the car and enjoy the ride.) Engineers believe, in theory, these cars will make for fewer automobile accidents, fewer carbon emissions and more efficient and quicker drive times.

These cars are still far from being commercially available, but its only a matter of time and money at this point. Just knowing that we'll have this technology coming down the assembly line at some point, is pretty cool!!