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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Strong Sex Drive
#2 - The Big Bang Theory
#3 - Toilet Crooks Flushed Out

Strong Sex Drive

A Florida couple created quite a scene when they began getting frisky in a moving car and ended up going all the way... through a stranger's house!

Asia Walker was behind the wheel of the vehicle when she and boyfriend Charles Walker began shifting gears, and when things got hot and heavy, she couldn't hit the brakes, sending the car off the road and through the front window of an unoccupied residence in Daytona Beach. The impact was so strong that it blew out windows in another part of the home.

Walker, who was slightly injured when debris from the house hit her, was charged with reckless driving. (WESH)


The Big Bang Theory

A pair of lottery winners in Kansas gave new meaning to blowing a fortune after setting off an explosion in their house while celebrating with a big stash of pot and meth.

The two men, who were brothers, had just won 75 grand in the state lottery and decided to mark the occasion by buying tickets to stoner-land. When one of them went to the kitchen to refill the butane torch they were using to light their bong, he set off a spark that reached the furnace pilot light and set off a chain reaction that destroyed the home's first floor.

The victim, whose name was not released, was wearing a lottery T-shirt when his girlfriend dropped him off at the E.R. for burn treatment. (Wichita Eagle)


Toilet Crooks Flushed Out

A Texas couple saw their get-rich-quick scheme go down the toilet after they were busted stealing commode parts from restrooms in McDonald's restaurants near their home.

Patrick Ring and Dianna Rodriguez were busted trying to leave one Mickey D's location with flush valves from the restrooms, and once in custody, they confessed to having wiped out the toilets at five other restaurants. They sold the pilfered parts to scrap metal dealers for a pretty penny.

Ring and Rodriguez are currently behind bars at a state jail on felony counts of theft of aluminum, bronze and copper. (UPI)