Each year, the Veterans from Rolling Thunder bring thousands of motorcycles to Washington D.C. for an organized demonstration to bring attention to the POW/MIA situation.

With the first run taking place on Memorial Day in 1988, the demonstration grows every year. This video, shot on May 31st, 2010, features a lone Marine standing vigil while the participants roll past him - most saluting back.

The emotion in the Marine's face says it all, and it's hard to watch this video without a tear or two hitting your eye. While this group only gets together on Memorial Day, we thought it fits perfectly with the theme behind Veteran's Day. Many leave, but never come back...

Make sure you thank a Veteran every chance you get, whether it's Memorial Day, D-Day, Veteran's Day, or just a random Tuesday. I'm typing these words - and you're reading them - because of the selflessness and sacrifice of heroes.