I remember seeing Rick in the early 90's here in Casper. I believe he opened for John Anderson...but I could be totally wrong there. I happened to get to meet him and I remember he sat down on the counter in the dressing room the entire time because he is a very small man and two of us were pretty tall (me 5'8" my friend 5' 11")...so I think we kind of intimidated him...and he didn't want his picture taken next to a couple of Amazon girls...lol. Remember this ballad?

Well...what's Rick been up to these days?    According to his website he's been touring and trying to put out some new music!

"Rick has been struggling for 3 and a half years to get his second Warner Brothers album, 'Whole Town Blue', released.

Even more frustrating to him, his first WBR album, 'In My Dreams', had become all but impossible to obtain due to economic fluctuations and upheavals in the music industry.

Now, thanks to WBR, both albums are available on a single disc…20 songs in all."

That's good news for you Rick Trevino fans out there!