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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Ooh, That Smell!
#2 - Ding, Dong, the Drunk is Cuffed
#3 - What the Duck?

Ooh, That Smell!

A Mississippi man tried to disguise the smell of the pot he was growing all around his home with another kind of pot – filled with his own excrement.

Cops entered a house owned by Henry Nguyen [pr: NWEN] with a warrant seeking marijuana plants, which they found but not before they found multiple buckets of fecal matter that the man had strategically placed to throw authorities off the scent of his operation. Officers seized the weed, several weapons and two German Shepherds, who we presume were housebroken,  unlike Nguyen (WLOX)


Ding, Dong, the Drunk is Cuffed

A Utah man took an unusual step in defending himself against charges of drunk driving – by getting drunk and driving to the house of a cop he knew to complain about the arrest.

Gordon Bell was holding a brewski when he staggered up to the door of the trooper, who had called 911 to report him for the DUI several months back. Alarmed at the visit, the trooper's family phoned the police station, but by the time a backup officer had arrived, the off-duty trooper had already cuffed Bell himself.

Bell was arrested on suspicion of witness tampering, trespassing, public intoxication and resisting arrest. (UPI)


What the Duck?

A man in Hawaii was arrested at a courthouse after officials thought he was flipping the bird at the system, by showing up to a parole hearing drunk and carrying a live duck.

The daffy dude, whose name was not released, showed up at 8:30 in the morning, visibly intoxicated and carrying two bags. When approached by a court officer, he handed over one of the bags, which contained two 40-ounce bottles of beer, but declined to surrender the second one, saying it contained a live animal.

When the officer looked inside the bag, he found the concealed duck – but couldn't get an explanation as to why the guy was carrying it around.  (Courthouse News)