How small is Milly, a Chihuahua from Puerto Rico? Answer: very. 

‘She could not breastfeed due to the tiny size of her mouth,’ said Rivera Eizzil, Milly’s caregiver. ‘To get an idea of just how petite she is, when she was born she received milk from an eyedropper.’

Now Milly is three-months-old and she hasn’t gotten much bigger, coming in at 2.5 inches and .37 lbs!

Currently Boo Boo, a chihuahua from Kentucky, is the Guinness recognized smallest dog in the world, at four inches. Eizzil and Milly’s owner Vanessa Semler hope their precious little pup will snag the record from Boo Boo, but have to wait until Milly turns one to qualify for the title.

And that’s if another tiny dog doesn’t snag the title first. A mini-mutt named Beyonce, who’s named for the Destiny’s Child song ‘Survivor,’  recently charmed the internet by being able to pose on an iPhone like it was a large sled.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be quite a dog fight. The smallest, most adorable dog fight ever, that is.