Are you sad about Payless Shoes soon closing all Wyoming stores except Cheyenne?

Were you a shopper at Payless? As a kid, Payless was all we could afford. I rocked pro-wings.  Next to “Air Jordans” they were not exactly, but what's the point of going to Payless? You Pay Less!

In fact right now - while you still can - get Easter Favorites for kids for $9.99.

For our back to school shopping, we had our school shoes, and our play shoes. Actually this year's play shoes were last year's school shoes - or was that just me?

You knew you weren’t getting shoes that were as high quality. In fact, it even said that on the box, didn’t it? Sorry, of course they don't go that far, but that's how we saw it. It's still the whole business model - to pay much less.

Did you know Easter Favs for women are still only $19.99. That’s smart marketing.

No joking, when you had to start paying for your own shoes, that was when you really loved Payless.

For the girl who "always had more style than money..."