How important is saloon proximity to your Wyoming home search? What about log cabins? If both of those things sound good to you, wait until you see a property that includes both of those elements.

I found this log cabin which just got shared on It's 175 Deer View Cir in Bedford, Wyoming. There's a good reason for this area being named "View" as it's got mountains nearby everywhere.

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I snagged 10 pics for you to get an idea of what this place is about...saloon included.

Wyoming Log Cabin with its Own Saloon

Some other facts to know about this place. It's situated in the middle of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The log cabin has over 2,200 square feet of space and there appear to be elk heads mounted outside. The phrase in the listing that caught my eye was this:

In the evening, take a short stroll through the forest to the Rusty Tin Saloon. The Rusty Tin Saloon boasts an exciting recreation space as well as a place to hang your hat and enjoy the outdoors.

The Rusty Tin Saloon, huh? Not a lot of homes can claim that possibility.

I should mention that this log cabin isn't free. The current asking price is $1,895,000. Considering this is near the Tetons, that's not bad at all. Please forgive me that this home does remind me of a certain Oak Ridge Boys song.

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