Summer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather’s warm, the grill is fired up and the kids are outside not bothering you. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, this summer could turn out to be the worst one ever. Here are a couple of reasons why it could be so awful you’ll actually be clamoring for the grey skies, biting wind and new NBC shows come fall.

  • 1

    The surge in frozen yogurt stores results in the US moving to a fro-yo-based currency.

  • 2

    Discovery Channel runs out of things to talk about during Shark Week.

  • 3

    After waiting seven years, the binge-watchers of ‘Arrested Development’ see it end. Again.

  • 4

    Cicadas. Seriously -- they're going to be easier to find than a Kardashian on E!

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  • 5

    You’re a fan of the Houston Astros.

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  • 6

    The Xbox One, harboring resentment towards its assigned role in the American household, rises up against its creators.

  • 7

    You’re a Houston Astro.

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  • 8

    'The World's End,' 'This Is the End' and 'Rapture-Palooza' are all upcoming comedies about the apocalypse that we’re told are somehow different from each other

  • 9

    You get cut from the Houston Astros.

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  • 10

    This blissfully oblivious old guy purchases an even smaller Speedo.

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  • 11

    The Westboro Baptist Church protests your Fourth of July barbecue.

  • 12

    Your neighbor at your beach house is Amanda Bynes.