In 2003, the United States began a long military operation in Iraq, where many brave men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

One of those warriors was a Marine that was born in Dubois, Wyoming and spent many summers there with his father John Phelps, and was the subject to an HBO movie called 'Taking Chance' with Kevin Bacon.



Chance Phelps, was born in Dubois, moved to Colorado with his mother, joined the Marines after high school and was eventually deployed to Iraq in support Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004.

He was part of a convoy escorting Brigadier General John F. Kelly, when the convoy was ambushed. Chance, who was 19 year old, had only been in Iraq for about a month when he was killed in action.

It was exactly 19 years ago this month that Chance gave his life, while providing cover fire for his fellow Marines.

He was later awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and Purple Heart.

In the movie, Kevin Bacon's character, Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, was tasked with escorting Phelps home to Dubois. After he was laid to rest in the Dubois Cemetery, Strobl wrote about the experience, which was later used as the inspiration for the movie.

Not only is Chance's memory kept alive by the movie, but he is honored every day at the National Museum Of Military Vehicles in Dubois. The Chance Phelps Theater is part of the layout of the impressive tip of the hat to our veterans, military and countries history.

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Phelps Family/ NMMV Facebook

You don't have to wait until April of every year to pay your respects to Chase, or any of the other veterans that are represented at the NMMV, the incredible 160,000 square foot museum is open year round. With over 500 fully restored vehicles, an extensive historical gun collection, and displays, that all honor America's war history and the memory & valor of our veterans.

The museum is so large and mesmerizing, that you'll spend an entire day exploring and learning about the history of past wars and those that served the country, like Chance Phelps.

If you've never been...put the National Museum of Military Vehicles on your list of 'must sees' for this summer.

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