We've seen plenty of videos of the 2017 total solar eclipse over Casper, but that has now been taken to another level as the event is now featured in a new car commercial.

Herbig Drones just shared this video on YouTube and it's quite a looker.

I have never seen this commercial before and believe it may be a new one featuring the eclipse over Casper. It features professional photographer Travis Burke. His website is a must-see as he's captured some truly stunning images of the 2017 eclipse during his time in Casper not to mention many other exotic destinations.

The video details the journey of Travis and his colleagues in Casper as they waited to see if clouds would block the historic solar eclipse and the results of his efforts. Guessing that GMC is quite proud that their vehicle helped them reach the hilltop to get a good vantage point of the eclipse.

I also highly recommend following Travis on Instagram if you like pictures of pretty things. He's definitely got some mad photography skills and looks like he spends some quality time in Wyoming every now and then.

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