It's one thing to see something weird in the sky. It's yet another to take the time to officially report it. That's why I perked up when I saw that there have already been 3 official UFO sightings in Wyoming in 2020 including 1 here in Casper.

If you have an interest in UFO's, I'd highly recommend bookmarking the National UFO Center reports page for Wyoming. It's arranged with the most recent Wyoming UFO sightings first. So far in 2020, there are 3 official reports - sort of. I say sort of because 1 of the 3 is a sighting that happened in Casper on New Year's Eve night. Not sure if this happened at the very end of 2019 or New Year's Day. Here's the Casper report of what the person saw:

I was on my back deck looking up at the stars as I often do. I noticed a cluster of three stars, 1 brighter than the other two. It was a cluster of stars I had not seen before. I looked away to see where the big dipper was in corrolation to this cluster. When I looked back at what I believed to be a three star cluster they were no longer there. I continued to search the sky for the next 10 or so minutes but did not see them again.

The other 2 Wyoming 2020 reports are from January 16. One is from Powell from a person who also saw 3 star-like lights in a formation.

The report from the Bighorns on January 16 is much more substantial. The report is of 15 to 20 lights moving over the Bighorn Mountains. That person speculated that this might be the Starlink satellites that were launched earlier in January. I appreciate when folks at least try to find a logical explanation before jumping into the little green (or grey) man conspiracy land.

You can keep up with the latest Wyoming UFO reports from the National UFO Center if you fancy yourself as an amateur Mulder or Scully.

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