There's a new video featuring a 3rd generation Wyoming rancher who tells the story about how he's working to help visitors understand what makes our state so special.

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation recently shared this on YouTube. It's worth your time.

According to the description on YouTube, Meade Dominick's family bought the ranch back in 1958 and it's where he grew up. Over the years, they say the ranch has grown to also include northern Absaroka Range bighorn sheep hunts.

In the video, he shares details of how they communicate how special Wyoming is to offer such a wide variety of wildlife and outdoor experiences that are unmatched anywhere else in America.

The 7D Ranch is located near Cody and is quite a large operation as you can see from the overhead Google map.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Cool to see a family that has roots deep in Wyoming helping the rest of the world understand why we have it good here.

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