Last weekend, there was an accident involving a truck that was transporting dogs on I-25. It resulted in 45 dogs stranded near the highway near Douglas, Wyoming until an organization came to their rescue.

Buckrail shared the story of these animals and how a terrible accident turned into an encouraging story of dogs going to new homes. According to their report, there were originally 47 dogs on the transport, but one was killed in the accident and another was hit by a car later.

Organizations near Douglas were able to contain the other 45 dogs until a group called Dog Is My CoPilot came to the rescue. Their official website explains their mission.

DIMC saves the lives of thousands of shelter pets and optimizes their likelihood of finding “furever” homes by flying them from overcrowded facilities where they’re in danger of being euthanized because of lack of space to locations with animal rescue organizations that have more space and a greater pool of adoptive homes.

As one of their "pilots" Peter explained in the video above, half of the dogs were transported to Missoula, Montana while the rest went to Washington state. What could have been a bigger tragedy had a somewhat happy ending due to their fast action.

These 45 dogs join over 10,000 others that have been rescued by Dog Is My Co-Pilot according to their website.

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