The gift shop out at the Natrona County International Airport has closed it's doors and rather than leave that space empty or see it turned into office space, we thought we'd waste some time coming up with a few business ideas that might or might not fail.

1.) Put in a Taxidermy Shop - Get that Wyoming Jackalope for the trip home ya'll!  But honestly, just think of all the money to be made on selling our beloved Jackalopes to tourists, hunters and fishermen that fly in and out of Casper.  Cha-Ching!

2.) Put in a Chick Fill-A - think of all the locals that would drive like a maniac out to the airport to grab a delicious chicken sandwich each day! (ok, maybe just us?) But you talk about increasing foot traffic!  Holy Pickles on a Sandwich, Batman!

3.) Put in a Mini Convince Store with a Single Curb Side Pump - Everyone needs to grab a Gatorade that'll have to be thrown out at the TSA check station, right? Plus you could make even more money topping off all those rental cars before they get returned!  (Anyone who's ever had to drive back to ghost town to top off a rental, gets this!)

4.) Open an Overnight Delivery Service - actually, this one kind of makes sense.  People will need to ship that pocket knife and Gatorade home before the TSA takes them away.  We lose more pocket knives that way!

5.) Put in a GIANT CRANE ARCADE game - We can fill the game with peoples lost and abandoned luggage!  Is that your bag, sir? Just drop a dollar in the slot and good luck getting your stuff back. This is Brilliant!! What a fun way to make some extra revenue for the airport.

Your turn!! What business would you put in to that space that would surely fail or maybe not?  Take a second and let us know what you think we could do with the retail space that has been left vacant with the closing of the gift shop at the Natrona County International Airport.


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