If you've been in Wyoming for any length of time, you know there is animosity towards our neighbors to the South. They are called Greenies because of the green license plates. Why do Coloradans irritate Wyomingites? Maybe it is because politically they lean to the left? Perhaps it is because they can infest all the best camping and fishing spots. Maybe people in Wyoming just don't like people.

Honestly, I think all those reasons are just silly. That's why we made this list of real reasons Wyoming should hate Colorado.

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Crocs - That ugly "shoe" company headquarters are in Niwot, Colorado. Not only are they hideous, but they become a personal slip-n-slide when wet. Heck, most people in Colorado hate Crocs by now. But you could eat them in an emergency ... yeah, that sounds delish.


More Restaurant Chains Than Wyo And They Are Still Skinny - How is it a place that gave birth to the Cheesecake Factory is also as the healthiest and thinnest place in America? How is that fair? Colorado has a large number of food franchises. The list includes Noodles & Company, Rock Bottom Brewery, Old Chicago, Chipotle, Quiznos, Red Robin, Smashburger and more.


Cheyenne Mountain is in Colorado Springs - Since Wyoming's capital is Cheyenne, you would think the mountain would be nearby, but that is not the case. Cheyenne Mountain (also the home to NORAD) is nearly 200 miles away from the city in Wyoming. Those jerks. Maybe we can take some solace that Colorado Springs is often known as Conservative Springs. Maybe not.


Colorado is "Piped" Piper for Wyoming Youth - It is kind of like Rumspringer for Wyoming. That is the Amish right of passage when the kids choose the church or leave the sheltered homestead venturing into the modern world. But in the Cowboy State, kids have the option to go South to Colorado. They have big cities with live music, dance parties, and legal weed. Or they could stay close to home with mom and dad to learn how to farm goats. Can you imagine the conversation: "But Mom, I can start a Goat Yoga Clinic in Castle Rock." Mom: "Haven't I taught you anything?"

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Even If We Win The Boarder War Against CSU, We Still Don't Have a Better Team Than Colorado - Most of Colorado doesn't care about the CSU Rams. Correction, only students and alumni care about the Rams. That is a cold blow to Wyomingites and Poke Fans. No matter how bad the Cowboys beat CSU, they will never have an opportunity to defeat the prized Colorado Buffaloes. Kick a brother when he is down.