If you haven't heard the news, the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare is returning to the airwaves this summer. The messy show will get another reboot for at least 40 episodes. That made us wonder what the game would be like if Wyoming hosted it.

The rules are simple. It is a trivia game with a few twists. Two teams compete for cash by answering questions and competing in physical challenges. The team with the most money at the end goes on to the obstacle course.

What would the physical challenges be like if Wyoming ran Double Dare? Now, we know this will never, ever, ever happen, but it is fun to pretend. That's why we invented these five physical challenges done the 307 way. Are you up for a round of Wyoming Double Dare?


Chugwater Chili Bowling

It's just like bowling except the contestants are the ball, and the lane is a slide full of Chugwater Chili. Each player gets two chances to knock down all the pins by sliding themselves down the lane of beans, meat, cheese, and sour cream.



Thermopolis Tar Pit Dino Dig

The game places three barrels full of sludge before the players. They must dig through the concoction of oil, rocks, and sticks to find a matching set of dinosaur bones. Each team member takes turns grabbing an object from the tar pit and bringing it back to the lab. If they complete a set remains in the allotted time, they win.



Platte River Friday Fish Fry

It is a race against the clock to gut and clean five rainbow trout in under 10 minutes. Beat the clock and win cash plus dinner.



Muddy Mountain Mud Busting ATVs

A bright yellow camper sits in a giant mud puddle center stage. The contestants ride ATVs and splash mud all over the camper. If the contestants can completely cover the camper in under 3 minutes, they win.



Potato Ole Wind Toss

The first player stands downwind from the other. The second player tosses Taco John's Potato Oles straight up in the air using the wind to propel the potato into the first player's mouth. If the first player can catch one Ole before the buzzer sounds, they win.