"Parts Unknown", the popular CNN travel and food show starring celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain, recently profiled the state of Montana. For some strange reason, Bourdain has yet to shine his spotlight on Wyoming.

Surely, the Cowboy State is among the most beautiful places he could visit in the entire world. Our rich western tradition would provide a plethora of entertaining settings for the show. The current controversy surrounding coal production could even supply an interesting context for Bourdain's cultural commentary.

Of course, no episode of "Parts Unknown", or its predecessor "No Reservations", would be complete without food. Wyoming has a variety of culinary customs guaranteed to satisfy Bourdain's appetite.

With that in mind, here's five places we think Anthony Bourdain should visit in Wyoming.

1. The Pitchfork Fondue Western Cookout in Pinedale - The western dining experience doesn't get any more authentic than this. Plus, the nearby Wind River Mountains would make a picturesque backdrop for the cameras.

2. The Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne - I've seen Bourdain eat buffalo burgers before, but I haven't seen him on an actual ranch herding Bison, Ostrich and other exotic animals. If he filmed the show in July, the cameras could also capture Anthony riding a bucking horse at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

3. Fishing on the North Platte - Fly fishing is one of Wyoming's most popular past times. What better way to showcase the recreational angling industry than with a trip up the North Platte near Casper?

Not only could Bourdain dine on freshly caught walleye and trout, the author could belly up at the World Famous Wonder Bar to follow in the footsteps of his fellow writer Ernest Hemingway.

4. A Chuckwagon dinner in the Tetons - No trip to Wyoming is complete without visiting the Tetons and Yellowstone. After exploring the National Parks, and scolding idiot tourists posing for selfies dangerously close to wildlife, Bourdain could take one of the many horse-drawn wagon tours in and around Jackson.

Or, for a fine dining experience, he could ride the gondola up to the Couloir Restaurant on top of the Rendezvous Bowl in Teton Village

5. Travel Back in Time - The Virginian Restuarant in Buffalo is among the most historic restaurants in Wyoming. Located inside the Occidental Hotel, it was named for author Owen Wister, who penned his famous novel "The Virginian" while staying at the hotel in the 1880s.

Bourdain could also make the short drive to Hartsville to dine and drink at Wyoming's oldest bar, Miners and Stockmen's Steakhouse and Spirits.

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