Netflix smash hit 'Stranger Things' will return for season two on Friday, October 27. Nine episodes are planned for release this fall.

The series is a sci-fi drama which follows a group of kids in a small Indiana town. After a 12-year-old goes missing, the a bizarre investigation ensues unraveling government secrets and supernatural creatures.

Despite the show depicting the crew growing up in Indiana, actual filming is done on a studio lot in Georgia.

It may be nearly 2,000 miles away, but we think 'Stranger Things' could benefit from filming a few episodes in Wyoming. Check out some of our ideas for filming locations...

  • 1

    F.E. Warren Air Force Base

    There are a multitude of government cover-ups that we're just getting into with this series. F.E. Warren would serve as a great backdrop as we learn more about Eleven's past.

  • 2

    Hell's Half Acre

    This odd terrain between Casper and Riverton worked perfectly for the movie 'Starship Troopers.' We think it could serve as a unique landscape for "the upside down."

  • 3

    South Pass City

    Abandoned mines, old vacant buildings, a creepy and cool atmosphere that would be perfect for the crew to find some drama.

  • 4

    Medicine Bow National Forest

    Many outdoor shots of the fake Indiana setting are in dense forest. We don't have a lot of dense forest options, but Medicine Bow would do nicely. Plus, we really want to see Medicine Bow Peak in "the upside down."
  • 5

    Union Pacific Railroads

    Anywhere along the Union Pacific railroad tracks seems like a great fit for this 1980's-based series.

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