I fully recognize that I could end up in big trouble for suggesting this, but I believe that there are some things that Casper women could do better. Here are my top 5.

DISCLAIMER: I bruise easily. If this list makes you mad, make sure to not smack my face. It's ugly enough already.

1. Your makeup and outfit doesn't have to be perfect just to go to the store.

You look great the way you are. Don't worry if your top matches your shoes before we go pickup some bread and milk. The people in the frozen foods section don't care if your earrings match your bracelet. The bread will cost the same.

2. The left turn lane is your friend.

It's not just ladies that are guilty of this, but I've seen more than a few gals that seem to be afraid of using that middle lane on 2nd Avenue or they dive into it ultra-late. The turn lane won't hurt. I promise.

3. Some Casper guys have it tough, so have mercy.

It ain't easy being a cowboy. If us dudes seem to be a bit grumpy sometimes, don't think it's about you. Some of us work in the oilfields where the work can be stressful. I sit alone in a room and talk, so maybe let's not include me in this one.

4. Write stuff down.

When you're a Casper woman that says something to a Casper guy, don't get mad when we don't recall every single thing you said. We may nod when you give us a fact, but that doesn't mean it's registering. If it's important, write it down and stick it on our forehead. We love you, but some things you say don't always stick around in our brains.

5. Lessen the number of times you ask us how you look.

You look beautiful just like you are. When you ask us if those jeans make your backside look big, we are in a no-win situation. If we say no, we are told we're lying. If we dare to say yes, we are dead men walking. Did we mention that you look really awesome?

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