Summer break is here and for my family, that means road trip time.

Not to brag, but I have become a bit of a pro at traveling around this state with a car full of kids.

If you're hitting the road with your family take a second to skim over these tips, they just might help ensure that you won't go crazy!

1. Take your breaks at the park and eat in the car. Trust me, this one is a lifesaver. When it's time to stop and grab food, take your break at a park. You can use google maps to find one that is close to your route. Let the kids play for half an hour and then fill up on gas and get food to eat IN the car. After the fresh air and running around, the kids will be more than happy to sit still for a few hours, and eating in the car will ensure another 30 minutes of no complaining!

2. Pack the car with fun quiz and riddle books and interactive card games. My kids love to learn random facts and the Guinness Book of World Records is one of their favorites to look at in the car. We also love the card game Would You Rather...? it always has us ALL giggling.

3. If you're traveling with toddlers make sure to pack toys that light up. We often drive for 10-12 hours a time, which means that at times the car is completely dark. Older kids can watch TV or entertain themselves but 1-3 year olds get bored quickly. Pack some toys that light up to help with this time when the car is dark go by smoothly. Another trick with babies and toddlers is blowing bubbles for them to catch and pop. Generally, it's best for parents to handle this but some older siblings could help too.

4. Be smart about the snacks you pack. Goldfish crackers work for all ages and so do the apple sauce squeezy pouches. I've found that handing out a variety of snacks so kids get different ones is a sure way to start anarchy. Even the best-behaved kids will lose it when you only have one snack pack of peanut butter crackers left...

5. Turn the TV off. Road trips are the perfect time for family bonding. Yes, it is a wonderful gift that many of our cars have DVD players and TV's and I for sure take advantage of it. Our rule, watch a movie/tech time and then no tech for an hour. It ensures the kids are looking out the window and seeing the sights and gives us lots of fun time to talk and tell family stories. Listening to an audiobook is another great way to mix things up.

Wherever you go and however you handle your Summer road trip make sure you wear your seatbelt, have fun, and take lots of pictures!

Do you have your own genius road trip tips?

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