I am a big fan of newcomers. This is important since I am one. But, it's very easy to tell when someone is new to Casper. Here are 5 surefire ways to identify a newbie to town.

1. They begin looking for an apartment on Casper Mountain.

Doc Holliday

Ever been on a snipe hunt or a search for jackalopes? This is the housing version of that.

2. They ask you how what street Lowe's is on.

Google Maps Street View

There is a Lowe's. It's in Cheyenne. You are welcome.

3. They put a trampoline in their backyard with no fence.

Trampolines are great in Wyoming...as projectiles.

4. They use I-25 frequently when traveling around Casper.

Google Maps Street View

I-25 is very helpful when you're leaving town. But, if you're going from one part of Casper to another, it is to be avoided like the automotive plague that it is. Repeat after me: 2nd Avenue, SE Wyoming Boulevard and Beverly are your friends.

5. They ask you what that fancy fence next to Kingsbury Drive is for.

Google Maps

See that row of fencing next to Kingsbury Drive? If someone asks you what that is for, tell them they'll know soon enough. Very soon.