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The Doc (hey, that's me!) and Prairie Wife 5K Payday game begins on Thursday, September 12. I've done some mad math and come up with how many weird Wyoming things you could get if you end up being a grand prize winner.

38 Jackalopes For Your Wall

Kotulas, Amazon

Nothing says "I love Wyoming" quite like a sweet jackalope on your wall. For 5 grand, you could get 38 of them. Sweet. You would be the envy of all your neighbors in Douglas.

166 Bamboo Wyoming Cutting Boards

Totally Bamboo, Amazon

Food would likely taste better on this Wyoming cutting board made of bamboo. 5 grand would land you enough for you and 165 of your neighbors. Nice.

125 Candles That Smell Like Wyoming

Homesick, Amazon

The Amazon description says "Smells like cold winter air and roaring campfires. Pine needles crunching underfoot". Breathe in Wyoming and giveaway the other 124 to friends that don't live here.

250 Wyoming Cowboy Spatulas

YoutheFan, Amazon

It's 18 inches long and even includes a bottle opener. What more could you ask of a Wyoming Cowboy spatula? Invite 249 neighbors over and give them a UW spatula just for showing up. Let's get grilling.

833 Wyoming State Fridge Magnets

Classic Magnets, Amazon

The 5K Payday grand prize could get everyone in Edgerton, Wyoming (population 201) 4 of these sweet Wyoming fridge magnets. Think about that for a second.

If you win, you're not required to get any of these weird Wyoming things on Amazon, but I do believe it's a good idea. Bottom line: we hope you win big-time.