From the Youtube page CLAWS comes a video montage of 6 frightening bear encounters.

You can watch the video below.

I'm sure in each case the people in the encounter had to change their underpants after.

attachment-Claws Youtube Screen Grab 2

This mama grizzly has two cubs, she is about to begin her charge at the gentleman taking this photo.

This is a rare case of the bear getting too close. She was crossing this man's backyard when he turned and saw her and her cubs.

She was just trying to warn the man, TOO CLOSE PAL!

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Fishing in bear country? CAREFUL!

That bear was doing the same thing, FISHING! 

The bear worked its way around the fisherman but did not engage. Too busy looking for a fishy lunch rather than a meaty one, I guess.

BUT THEN, the bear finds the fisherman's bag on the shore and decides to steal it.

attachment-Claws Youtube Screen Grab 5

Being up in a hunter's perch DOES NOT MAKE YOU SAFE!

Well, who knows, maybe the bear just wants to make friends.

Then again, look at the claws on that thing.

Trim your nails pal then MAYBE you can come up.

attachment-Claws Youtube Screen Grab 6

How fast do you think this hunter's heart is beating right now?

I'm sure he's going to be telling this story for the rest of his life.

In the video, the bear climbed down and climbed back up several times.

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Bears know how to open doors so LOCK YOUR DOORS!

Bears as smart. They have seen humans opening doors. They know how it's done.

So if you see one on the roadside and you want to take photos


There are more close calls in this video.

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