Being a land owner has been the dream of many in Wyoming since the early settlers found their way here many years ago. According to, Wyoming has nearly $3 billion worth of property for sale and you may be pretty surprised at how low the prices are for a good chunk of land. Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota all have low populations and lots of open land. That makes finding and buying the land a little easier.

In total, figures show that there are around 443,000 acres of land for sale. The average large established Wyoming Farm, Ranch or other substantial land sale is about $1 million. Compared to other states, Wyoming is a relatively cheap state to purchase land and if you're a fan of hunting, fishing, riding horses, camping, riding ATV's or just being floored by beautiful sights this state is for you.

When you're thinking of buying property whether it's to ranch, just for hunting or to build your legacy for generations to come, there are some things you should always ask so that you don't get into a bad situation.

Canyon Real Estate out of Cody has a list of these questions that will help your process along.

  1. Make sure you ask about the size and shape of the property
  2. If you have easy access to the land
  3. Need to know if there are easement's to allow the access or to allow others to access their land
  4. Does the land have utilities or potential for utilities to be put in
  5. Make sure to know what the taxes are
  6. What can you do with the is it zoned
  7. Is there water access on or near the land
  8. What surrounds or is next to the land.
  9. Are your neighbors crazy?

Making sure you do your research and ask the important questions is important in securing your land buying dreams.

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