I love Wyoming log cabins. I love natural springs. I also like the Riverton area. That's why a newly available Riverton log cabin caught my eye as it has all of those elements going for it.

This was recently listed as available on multiple real estate websites. It's a log cabin located at 125 Ocean Lake Road in Riverton. Here are a dozen pics of this cool place that also includes its own natural spring according the listing.

Riverton log cabin with a natural spring

This log cabin has some impressive stats. 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms covering over 3,500 square feet. But, here's the part of the listing that caught my eye:

The property also has a natural spring which originates on the property. This spring is registered at the State Engineer's Office and offers an additional 1 1/2 acres of water right for the lawn and garden.

The idea of having my own natural spring is more than my mind can comprehend. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of it on any listings, but guessing that would be possible if you choose to tour the place.

The current asking price for this Riverton log cabin as of this writing is $825,000. Check out the full Realtor listing for more details. I am gonna sit and daydream about a Wyoming log cabin with a natural hot spring for now.

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