I've got a road trip idea for you if you've never been to Wyoming's Porcupine Falls. But, if you're not up to the drive, a kind soul has just shared a 360 degree video of this scenic sight where you can control the camera.

Porcupine Falls is a bit of a haul from Casper resulting in a 4 to 5 hour drive.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This beautiful area is worth the driving time if you enjoy a very doable hike. It's highly rated on All Trails and is less than a mile walk to get to the Wyoming scenic goodness.

Sam Hayes is the guy who was kind enough to share his experience. Thanks to the fact that he did this as a 360 degree video, you can rotate the camera around and see him and his dogs. While I always encourage folks to get out and experience the beauty of our state first-hand, it's nice to be able to preview places like Porcupine Falls from the comfort of your laptop or phone.

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