Looking at five-year population changes, 24/7 Wall Street figured the fastest growing city in each state. If you thought Cheyenne’s 91,000 plus population was the Cowboy State’s biggest metro, you’re still correct, but ...

Our fastest grower is Casper, according to 24/7 Wall Street, that's up 6.1 percent, at over 81,000 area population. Does that sound like fuzzy math? I mean if our Oil City metro was almost 82,000 in 2010, either that number crunching website is wrong or Wikipedia is a bit off. Well, they are both websites.

Anyway, in 22 of the fastest growing cities in each state, domestic migration was the largest contributor, like those from the Northeast and Midwest, from lack of work and even worse economies. Natural population growth - births minus deaths - was the biggest factor in 18 cities (like Casper), and international migration was most huge for the remaining 10 towns.

The fastest growing city in the entire U.S. is The Villages, Florida, up over 25 percent.

By the way, in Colorado, Greeley’s population is listed at almost 295,000, a whopping five year increase of 14 percent. The state has 8.2 percent more new “Greenies.”

Again, that is according to 24/7 Wall Street. See their 50 most bustling here.