It's one of the worst fears realized. Your vehicle breaks down in a remote area in the dead of night. That happened to a woman recently with one special exception. She was joined in her quest to get back to civilization by a deer.

I first saw this story trending on Digg. After her vehicle broke down, she heard the pitter patter of footsteps approaching her. It was an innocent fawn that refused to leave her side for over 3 hours and a total walk of over 8 miles.

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Thanks to my faith, I don't believe in accidents. You can't convince me that this woman wasn't being watched over as this deer made sure she was never really alone.

The comments on YouTube seemed to focus on why this deer wasn't afraid of her thinking that it was a young fawn who didn't know she should stay away from people like us. Others mentioned the guardian angel theory that this animal was acting under directions from a higher power. I personally agree with that assessment.

Even if you don't agree with the divine intervention, maybe you can appreciate the fact that this woman in distress got companionship from wildlife at the time she needed it most.

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