Wyoming is a major tourist destination, and in years past we have had over 8 million overnight visitors in one year.

It's always interesting to see what visitors from other countries think of us...

We came across this map on Reddit.com created by a Brit and in it he shows how he sees the United States.

In true Brit style, he apologizes within the title just in case anyone is offended.

"How I, a Brit, see the United States (Sorry if it offends anyone)"

DavidMcFarlanee via Reddit.com

As you can see, on this map he labels Wyoming as "unpopulated" and per usual the comments are where it's at.

"I thought it was Colorado."

"Totally forgot Wyoming was a state."

DavidMcFarlanee via Reddit.com

"I call shenanigans! No foreigner would know enough about Wyoming to give it a unique classification."

"Wyoming is actually a very popular destination, surprisingly. When I was traveling overseas I was astounded by the number of people that were like, "I traveled to USA once, we went to Los Angeles, New York and Wyoming." "

DavidMcFarlanee via Reddit.com

If you want some more laughs, feel free to follow this link and read even more of the comments, trust me...they're worth your time.

In the end, I can't really argue with anything this Brit says about the U.S. on his map.

After all...Wisconsin IS cold, Florida IS hot, and Texas and Oaklahoma are for sure yee haw states.

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