2017 was a record year for a lot of Wyoming. The solar eclipse brought thousands of tourist to the Cowboy State, and some residents were able to profit from the opportunity. Airbnb.com just published some year-end data that shows just how well the Equality State did.

If you are unaware of Airbnb, they are a website where you can rent your home or apartment like a hotel room. The site manages the payment and communications portal, but individuals or Airbnb hosts can rent properties as they see fit.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media
A group of Japanese tourists staying at an Airbnb in Casper get their telescope-camera array ready for the solar eclipse. Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media.

In 2017, Airbnb reported that over 56,000 people rented homes in Wyoming. That is a 241% increase over last year. This growth can only be attributed to the eclipse.

The solar eclipse was the biggest night ever for Airbnb in Wyoming with more than 3,900 guest arrivals, resulting in over a 754% spike for the night before the eclipse - written in a press release from Airbnb.

The Jackson Hole and Yellowstone tourist draw also helped Wyoming hosts using Airbnb. This is a breakdown of each city and how many people and dollars they earned in 2017.


City Total # of GuestsTotal Host IncomeIncome Per Guest
Teton Village2,100$757,000$360
Rock Springs1,300$70,000$54


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