Due to the deteriorating condition of the Natrona County’s Alcova bridge, both Black Beach and Cottonwood Beach Campgrounds will be closed to the public beginning at noon Monday, June 15, 2015, until further notice.

Pursuant to a recommendation from the State Bridge Engineer in his report dated June 3, 2015, Natrona County has posted the bridge has been “posted “at three tons (3T) for the Type 3, Type 3S2 and Type 3-3 Wyoming legal trucks, respectively, until the bridge is repaired or replaced.” Arrangements are being made with the BORBureau of Reclamation to detour over Alcova Dam heavier vehicular traffic such as school buses, emergency vehicles and affected property owners, whose farming/ranching equipment, livestock trailers, etc. exceed the 3T load limit. 

Negotiations are underway with a structural engineering consultant who’ll recommend temporary strategies at both the Alcova bridge and the Dam’s spillway in an effort to increase their respective load limits. Consultant will also prepare Bidding Documents for a new bridge, advertise, bid and award the Project to the successful bidder, whereupon the construction phase will commence.

Signage will be posted and overhead message boards and marquees will be utilized to inform the motoring public of these closures and restrictions. For the duration thereof, picnickers, campers and recreationists are encouraged to utilize amenities, campsites and facilities on the west side of Alcova reservoir—via Lakeshore Drive—as well as at Gray Reef and Pathfinder reservoirs.

Please call or email rohearn@natrona.net with any questions, or if you require additional information.