For all its massive success in recent years, AMC is still somewhat in its infancy when it comes to original programming. And for every runaway hit like ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Mad Men‘ and ‘The Walking Dead,’ there’s a few missteps like ‘The Killing,’ or even recent forays into reality TV with unique efforts like ‘Small Town Security.’ But if you’re going to emulate the major networks, might as well go for the big guns, right?  So let’s see if ‘Road Show,’ AMC’s first reality competiton can bring the heat!

Could AMC dominate the reality TV market the way it’s monopolized the buzz on original drama? That’s what the network intends to find out as it moves into the reality competition game with ‘Open Road,’ a roving talent show that offers open-call auditions for singers, dancers, comedy acts and others. Along with a second season for ‘Small Town Security,’ the network has ordered eight 1-hour episodes.

Don’t expect any big-name celebrity judges and spinning chairs however, as the show’s director and choreographer will act as judges and mentors, nominating finalists to take part in a talent show held at a local venue.

“’Road Show’ is a doc-style talent competition series that celebrates the stories of the people who ever sang into their hairbrush, or lost sleep over their premiere in a community theater production,” says AMC executive VP of original programming Joel Stillerman. “It’s the local talent show writ large, and will focus on the personal stories as much as the actual talent competition.”

What say you? Could ‘Road Show’ launch AMC as a major player in the reality competition circuit, or will ‘American Idol,’ The Voice,’ ‘America’s Got Talent’ and the rest edge it out? Tell us if you’ll watch in the comments!

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