We express often that if you haven't had an experience with a Grizzly bear in person, you may not understand how HUGE and dangerous they are.

Being 'Bear Wise' is very important and being prepared for a bear interaction will increase your chances of getting away without being harmed. Wyoming Game & Fish has a portion of their website dedicated to making sure you're ready to encounter a bear on his turf. Go check it out if you're about to embark on a late season hike, a hunt or if you're heading in for a fall camping trip. Remember, you're going into bear country and they're in the middle of getting ready for hibernation.There's a good chance they're not going to be nice.

Have your bear spray ready to use, know how to use it and know what to do and how to react for all types of bears.

A few years ago there was a video floating around the internet of a large brown bear attacking pickup truck in a worksite. The video recently resurfaced and many have noticed that the bear in the video may have been a trained bear that is used in movies. The "workers" that are hiding out in another truck have some very funny comments during the entire video and the ending will freak you out if it's real or staged!  In the comments of the video, there are many that think the video is a secret advertisement for Kobalt Truck Toolboxes.

Whether or not the video is a "staged" bear attack video or a real encounter, bears are LARGE creatures, dangerous and definitely not something to mess with. Be prepared!

Now, check out this video and hang on! Real or Fake?


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