It seems like the minute the announcement was made, Casper's Tea for Terror was SOLD OUT again!

The event started in 2001 as a unique way to share one of Casper's historic homes. In fact, the home where the popular tea party happens is on the National Register for Historic Places.

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Leilani DeClue, the House Manager at the Historic Bishop Home, told K2Radio News they began with tea parties to share the home's historic character and provide a time for connection for visitors. "The teas have become known as a special time for the patrons to enjoy unique food, fun, and particularly our homemade hot-out-of-the-oven scones while sharing conversations over tea."

"Historic homes are a cultural window into the building methods of past times."

It all began with a Mother's Day tea, but was a hit straightaway and quickly expanded into Valentine's Day and Halloween.

"Our most recent addition is our summer 'Teddy Bear Picnic Tea,'" said DeClue.

The Halloween mystery tea was introduced at the request of patrons who thought it would be fun.

Funds from the event support the restoration and operation of the historic Bishop home.

The Historic Bishop Home is the only historic home in Casper that is open to the public for touring.

"Visitors are transported back in time to see how a pioneer family lived, labored, and laughed while participating in the growth and development of Casper," said DeClue.

"The home was donated to the Cadoma Foundation in 2008 for preservation as part of Casper's historical community. Today it serves as an authentic urban museum that displays the collections in a contextual setting of the early days of Casper."

DeClue shared, "Historic homes such as the Historic Bishop Home are an important and visual way to transmit local history to future generations. Historic homes are a cultural window into the building methods of past times. Preservation and restoration are not only construction projects but require historical research to restore the building using the methods and materials of the original structure, as much as possible."

"Almost all the special exhibits we display at the Bishop Home are the belongings of the Bishop family. It is exciting to display items that were used or worn by the family. As with any museum we spend a lot of our time inventorying and archiving all the items in the home. We are always surprised when we open a chest or trunk or closet and find wonderful historic items, that had not been seen for many decades."

The maximum amount  of people the event can hold is 34. It's an exclusive event (and it always sells out). If you want tickets, you have to snag them FAST when they make their announcements.

To see pictures of the home and a collection of iconic vintage exhibits check out their website here! 

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