Casper's coffee scene is a serious business. In a city this size, it's very rare that you'd see as many coffee shops as we have here. Fortunately for us, we love coffee and having options.

One of the coffee shop options you know well since they already have two locations. One is on Yellowstone Highway in Mills, and the other is near the corner of Poplar and Collins in Casper.

Yep, I'm talking about Buckin' Brew, and there's exciting news for the Buckin' Brew crew and Casper's coffee lovers.

Buckin' Brew will open its third location on 2nd Street in Casper. According to their socials, they're shooting to open on May 15th.

The new location will be in the former Lincoln Street Cafe at the corner of 2nd Street and Lincoln Street.

A Casper Coffee Staple Is Adding A New Location
Google Maps/ Buckin Brew

If you haven't stopped in to see them at their current locations, you've been missing out and can change soon. The new spot was announced on social media a few days ago, and the Casper coffee crowd is waiting on the edge of our seats. Even though Mills is a short drive from Casper, the new convenient location will be great if you're in a hurry and need that Buckin' Brew specialty drink fix.

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When I moved to Casper, they were one of the first coffee shops I stopped at, and they are still my pre-Thankful Thursday coffee spot. In the three years I've been going there, I've never been disappointed by the fantastic service or excellent coffee.

You can always count on fun social media posts too. They always give back to the community, offering weekly tutorials on making their excellent drinks and extra encouragement to get out and seize the day.

Good luck with the new location. We look forward to checking it out soon.

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