When your name is legendary in Casper, there's a good chance people are going to start rumors about you. That's happened recently to one of Casper's favorite restaurants, Silver Fox Steakhouse.

The Silver Fox has been making mouths water with bacon knots, great steaks and get cocktails with friends in Casper for over 40 years. It's been named one of the favorite hot spots in Casper and if you've ever stopped in for a meal, you know exactly why.

Silver Fox Chef/ Owner Bernard Ambrosino had one of those 'nasty rumor' moments recently and the restaurant quickly jumped into action to shut it down. The rumors were flying so often that the phone was ringing off the hook with questions about a potential sale or change of hands of the business.

Since the the Silver Fox is such a popular destination and people were so upset at what they'd heard, the staff took to social media so they could squash the rumors that the legendary steakhouse had sold or was in the process of changing hands.

The post says,

We’re here to smash any rumors and let everyone know that none of this is true, and the OG Silver Fox still owns and operates the place. We’re here. We’re Foxy. And we’re not going anywhere!


In times like this, social media is a helpful tool to smash those nasty rumors.

Remember that spreading rumors is not a good idea and just because you read it on the internet, it's not always true. Make sure you get your facts straight before passing along information.

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