How would you like to have a "Welcome to Casper" mural somewhere in our city? There is a group of artists that are offering to do this if someone has a wall available.

I first spotted this on Wyoming Reddit. It was an offer by a group of artists from Greetings Tour to paint a welcome mural in any Wyoming city that was interested.

Why would they do this? Here's how Greetings Tour describes its mission from their website:

Greetings Tour is a cross country mural project creating landmarks through public art.
Using the classic large letter postcard style, they help revitalize communities with imagery from the city and bright colors.

Victor Ming is the muralist and Lisa Beggs is the photographer. They do amazing work as you can see in a video they shared of a welcome mural he painted in Knoxville.

All they need to make this happen in Casper is someone or some business that has a wall that would be available to them. If that's you, you can reach Victor and Lisa by commenting on the Reddit thread or contacting them through their official website.

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